Concepts, copy and creative to help your story take flight.


Through ideas, words, visual narratives and interactive communications, I craft content that gets people to
react – then act. I do this for organizations, teams and brands, and especially those that are up to some good.
If one of your missions is to make a positive mark on society, I want to give your words the wings they need
to soar high and shake things up.


what i do best

I love storytelling in all of its many forms – and when you love something, it shows. Below are a few ways I can help you communicate about what you love most.  


Words are truly a wonder. The right ones can make you feel things about things you never knew a thing about. The not-so-right ones can help you sleep soundly. It is my life’s mission to find the right words. If given the chance, I will find them for you. From blog posts, articles and print pieces to taglines, headlines and one-liners, when it comes to writing wow-worthy content in your brand's voice, I've got you covered.

content strategy & messaging

As any strong communicator knows, it's not just what you say but how you say it. Which is why effective communication strategy is all about the journey you take your audience on. What will they feel? How will they respond? And will the message endure even after they've walked away? To help your audience get to the desired destination, I develop an innate understanding of your organization, its vision and goals. Don't have all those defined yet? Then that's where our journey begins.


Video can be a powerful communication tool and it's also my area of expertise. I've written video scripts, edited films, directed and produced shoots of all kinds, in all kinds of ways. Visual narratives come naturally to me, and along the way they've also become my passion. I mean, I didn't get an MFA in independent filmmaking for nothing. 


things people say

Mercedes understands the landscape of contemporary higher education marketing and nudges its boundaries to produce refreshing, innovative content. Her copy is appealing to a range of audiences, but she is specifically considerate of the profile of the incoming generation of students.

As a freelancer, Mercedes has demonstrated a high level of personable ownership of our organization’s brand by applying a fresh take on existing collateral. She is timely, reliable, and organized, and she brings a pleasingly creative spirit to her collaborative work.
— Keisha Dyson, Associate Vice President Marketing, Governors State University
It’s been such a pleasure to work with Mercedes on many of our Portillo’s creative projects. Her witty and entertaining copywriting has been instrumental in many of our program launches, new menu items, and social media and email posts. In addition to her outstanding writing skills, Mercedes is incredibly professional, timely, and thorough.
— Marc Trevino, Marketing Manager, Portillo's
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mercedes for over eight years on a variety of internal communication projects for Fortune 100 clients. What I find most outstanding about Mercedes is her creativity, coupled with her diverse writing skills. Whether it’s writing a compelling proposal, an entertaining video script or developing a powerful digital strategy, her dedication to excellence is unmatched.
— Pamela Morgan, Associate Partner, Kindle Communications

some clients I work with