A little bit about me.

My career aspirations started young when, at age five, I began declaring to anyone who would listen that I wanted to be a singer and a writer. Unfortunately for me (though fortunate for everyone else), singing was not a part of my destiny. Writing, it turns out, was another story. Writing, in fact, is my story. 

While at five-years-old I had no idea what a writer, visual storyteller or communication content strategist really was, even then I knew how much I loved listening to and telling stories of all kinds. Even then I believed in the power of words and ideas. Quite a lot has changed for me since kindergarten, but that belief has not only remained the same, it's become a driving force in my life.

For a large portion of my career I was lucky enough to be employed full-time at an incredible communications agency - working with the best in the business and servicing Fortune 500 companies in a wide and fascinating variety of industries. During that time, I also directed three feature-length documentary films through my non-profit production company, Daisy May Films. In 2017, I decided to strike out on my own as a way to balance both worlds and branch out into new ones. 

This is the chapter of my story where you've found me. Welcome. It's an exciting chapter. And I'm ready for it. Ready to use all of my skills and years of experience to tell even more - even better - stories. Stories that might change the world, or at the very least, a few minds. Stories that matter to people. To businesses. To communities. Perhaps I can help tell yours.  

Either way, thanks for reading a little bit of mine. I hope you'll check back because there's lots more to come.